Picked up a tattoo machine!

For a long time I've been interested in tattoo design, so I finally decided to pick up a machine and get practicing! It took a good friend and teacher to guide me, a honeydew melon, and curiosity and passion to get it going. Here are my first two designs! #1. The Rose

We did a stencil for the rose, and I added the rest around it freehand. Lots of fun!

It was a challenge to keep the lines straight with my excitement and desire to go faster! Gotta keep a slower, more focused pace next time. Can't wait to get good at these lines! :) #2. The Octopus

This one was all freehand. It was definitely a challenge to make sense of where all the arms were going to wrap around, but it worked out and I am happy with it! Excited for more!

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