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About Mira Nova

Photo by Agata Raymond Photgraphy

"I am inspired by the beauty of nature and the depths of emotion, constantly working on ways to bring them together. I see beauty in darkness, light and in between, so I like to bring it all together when I can. I hope that with my artwork, a sense of connection comes, with ourselves and nature, in that unspoken realm where we see and feel in our truest and deepest ways. To me, this is the place of the sacred, and it means so much to connect with it and be reminded that it is there."
- Mira Nova


     Mira Nova (Jen) is a versatile visual artist & DJ/producer residing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Known for combining images of nature with mesmerizing lines, flowing colors and surreal juxtapositions, her visual storytelling encourages viewers to step into the colorful realm of soulful curiosity.

     Highly involved in the Edmonton arts community, her work has been shown at various events, galleries and places in the city such as the Art Gallery of Alberta, Muttart Conservatory, Winspear Centre and the Bleeding Heart Art Gallery. Mira Nova was also the principle designer for the Reign Bough Fiddle Music and Arts Festival Poster in 2017.


     In 2014 she created an online group for artists, art lovers and people seeking artists in Edmonton called YEG Art. Connecting and engaging with the public in an open and organic way, the group has gained over 1000 members, and created many new opportunities for those involved.

    Alongside her passion for making art, Jen found a love for vinyl and began her journey as a Drum and Bass DJ and producer in 2009. Accumulating a growing record collection over the years has enabled her to play from all ends of the genres spectrum with ease, delighting music lovers of all kinds, and showing the world the versatility that drum and bass has to offer. 

    Playing for some of Albertas best festivals such as Astral Harvest, Spectrum, Back to Earth, Reign Bough Fiddle and Odyssey Gathering, she continues to spread her love for drum and bass, and the world around her, with her moving, soulful selections. 
Art, music and nature are her holy trinity, and living through these mediums is where she thrives. 

Mira Nova can be contacted through email (, messaging on this website (click here) and various social media pages (links found below). 

Photo by Agata Raymond Photography

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